Turkish city of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport Attack

Turkish city of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport Attack

Turkish city of Istanbul Ataturk International Airport Attack

It was not the principal occurrence happened when  so boundless in Turkey, additionally build the Kurdish aggressors, Islamic and liberal bombings and suicide assaults in various urban communities in Turkey by different associations as of late.

Perused more at Istanbul air terminal, murdering 36 individuals

French news office, AFP, reported subsequent to 1986 to the accompanying portrayal of the significant occurrences of terrorism in Turkey.


28 June: at the Ataturk Airplane terminal in Istanbul 3 36 individuals executed in suicide bombings and shootings while more than 150 were harmed.

June 7: An auto bomb impact in Istanbul No less than 7 individuals were executed, including 11 policemen and 4 regular folks.

Walk 19: The consequence of the suicide assault in a strip mall of Istanbul, murdering 3 Israelis and injured handfuls, while an Iranian, Iraq had acknowledged obligation regarding the episode.

Walk 13: The consequence of an auto bomb blast in Ankara’s focal square, murdering 34 individuals and harming handfuls, the Kurdistan Flexibility Birds of prey asserted obligation regarding the impact (PTA) association was acknowledged.

17 February: An auto bomb assault in Ankara on Turkish military caravan that murdered 29 individuals, the Kurdistan Flexibility Birds of prey obligation (PTA) was acknowledged.

January 12: The suicide assaults in Istanbul, executing 11 vacationers from Germany and 16 other individuals were harmed.


The 10 October, 103 individuals were executed and more than 500 harmed in suicide assault in Kurdish supporters rally in Ankara.

20 July: The Turkish Syrian fringe close to the overwhelmingly Kurdish suicide impact murdered 34 individuals and injured 100 in the territory.


May 11: Two auto bombings murdered 52 individuals in association Turkish fringe from Syria.

11 February: 17 individuals were murdered in a bomb impact in a transport in ryhanly.


27 July: Istanbul murdered 17 individuals in the impact, while 2 115 were harmed.


12 were murdered, including 10 youngsters, in bombarding.


15 and 20 November: the English department and the English multinational bank 4 suicide auto bomb at a branch of the assault in Istanbul, which brought about several wounds and slaughtered 63 individuals, in charge of the bombings of Al Qaeda and Turkey, including English Emissary General the Islamic aggressor bunch guaranteed Front of Riders of the Incomparable Situate.


13: He shelling slaughtered 12 individuals in a shopping center in Istanbul, an association in charge of the blast of Turkish Kurdistan Specialists’ Gathering (PKK) was acknowledged.


25 December: 17 individuals were slaughtered and 23 harmed in blasts in a retail establishment in Istanbul, which is the obligation of the Kurdistan Laborers Party (PKK) guaranteed.


6 September: 22 individuals were slaughtered in the suicide bombings in Istanbul 2.

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