Hadiqa Kiani Cocaine trafficking hadiqa army Falsely

Hadiqa Kiani Cocaine trafficking hadiqa army Falsely

Pakistan’s popular artist,Hadiqa Kiani Cocaine trafficking hadiqa army Falsely, had been flowing reports of hdqrs armed force when he was captured for cocaine trafficking at a London air terminal, however  has denied all reports.

As indicated by the site of metro U Hadiqa Kiani  was captured while 2 kg of cocaine trafficking at Heath row Airplane terminal in London, included the report that was given over to the Port Expert Police and the London Locale prosecutors from the Lawyer holding up.

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However , who is independent in Lahore, proclaimed in view of the false data held unwarranted and malignant the allegations.

Part long range interpersonal communication site Facebook has imparted a photograph to his family in Lahore, and was very astonished that reckless news media.
They London nor composed, nor is there any expectation to mine there, so nobody tries to join the medication with me, then I am sickened restrain, I called the media’s falsehoods is exceptionally pitiful news.

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ARY News Araguaya they probably were to be chuckled at them, saying in a meeting, however inconvenience started when they come to genuine calls from columnists and others.

They were occupied with observing Valentine’s Day with my nephew’s birthday and family, and additionally he communicated frustration that a few media outlets distributed the gossipy tidbits were affirmed without barnyard.


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