Top 10 List Pakistani Dramas 2020-2025

The top 10 list Pakistani dramas of 2020-2025, will tell about the drama. If the arrangement includes your favorite work, then the comment section will make it mandatory.

Top 10 List Pakistani Dramas 2020

1:Do Boll ARY Digital For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Do Boll Top 10 List Pakistani Dramas 2020

The drama is written by ARY Digital, top 10 list Pakistani dramas of 2020, a drama Kingdom ruled by the late Nirmala Empire and its directing duties by Syed Sajjad Hussain. The drama revolves around Haramani. The daughter has two daughters, the second of which is Badr Badr, who works for the father of Ghetti, who loves maliciousness, but the question of the marriage of Badr and Kheti does not arise, which is very popular among the fans. But he does not have the courage to express it to his father, which is why the son of the relative gets typed in. Under the circumstances, Gaiti decides to leave the house but helps her, but her cousin sees her and tells everyone that Gati was cooperating with the altercation, so Gatti’s father forcibly married her. He agrees with her but says that she will never return home and goes to the house of change and pleads with her heart to take her to Karachi. It gets light to see why the daughter finally likes the conscience bad and she tries her best to forget about the surroundings, thanks so much for the video. Like and comment on it and make sure to subscribe to our channel

2:Aggan For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Aggan For Detail

Created in the backdrop of India’s background in the courtyard, the drama serial Aangan hum tv dramas 2020, was a bridge drama serial. His novel is taken from the courtyard, however, the dialogue is a satirical movement

3:Aatish For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Aatish Top 10 List Pakistani Dramas 2020

There was a problem with the appearance of the song Maneb Ramsha Khan. We were aired on television and became very popular among the audience. The story of Hina Altaf and Faisal Rehman Manzoor Qureshi and Sulaiman Ali Salam revolves around a girl who Childhood employee in a large house, which is why most people consider him a family member when this Rahman along with his mother comes to America as a guest in this house falls in love with his principles.

4:Bandish For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020


 Bandish Abr is a unique drama aired on ARY Digital. Its story is based on black magic, which is why it has become very popular in the audience with the company of its director Abbas Raza and producer Fahad Mustafa Dr. Ali Kazmi. Created by the drama, this is a terrific drama in which a young woman Elena falls asleep deep in her room and then suddenly begins to tear her bed and push her to bed. After calling his parents and siblings out loud, no one could hear his voice. It seems that no one is in his house and even insects can be seen on the trees of his house, yet suddenly his eyes are opened and he realizes that he is a terrible Alina’s family, including her parents Madhya and Janjid and two sisters, Astana and Haniya, are living happily ever after. Their family has never been a victim of wrongdoing. And she appears to be worshiping the devil in the dark nights, and she is in the kitchen as an underage girl who is willing It is shown that destroying the family of Junaid in September as well as the reason for doing so is kept secret The factory services in Junaid’s office are shown by a man who is married.

5:Beti For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Beti Top 10 List Pakistani Dramas 2020

Six daughters consider the post as mercy instead of the Islamic story Sufi eventually played the role of a young girl in writing production. Her father has passed away when she is quite young. The story of a woman who is strong enough to revolve around her in the family and the Wahhabis are understood to have been one of the luminous jihadists in the audience, Javed Sheikh in Islamabad and Islamabad Sahifa played the role in Jabbar. Let’s see if Kashif was an al-Qarib and a great place to be liked by the audience.

6:Inkaar For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas


In Rome, top 10 list Pakistani dramas of 2020, actress Yunnan Zaidi is playing the role of Hansa Malik and the daughter of the society, while the teacher plays the role of Nurul Hassan’s son, revolves around a brave girl who is a man of strength in a weak system of justice. The pursuit of justice is struggling for a child full of children’s lives All of a sudden, the laughter of the smiling girl’s life begins to wane as happiness begins to swell in the drug life. The statement comes to life in the spring, soon they both become engaged in engagement but the phrase itself The Shiites are transformed into extreme oppression when the two of them lead the two Ajmals with a beating, which in turn reduces them to a dangerous extent. And despite the traditional attitudes of society, one stands firm in front of a powerful person

7:Sona Chunda For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Sona Chunda

 The drama was written in a travel diary while the cast includes Imran Ashraf Greek injured Khan Rehan Sheikh Nurul Hassan Imam Pirzada Nabila Khan Haseeb Khan Khushar Ashraf Mahesh Ali Scenes Poet Salim Samya Butt and Saima Nurin Sun Chanda Season Jawan Motion 2019 It was a one-minute comedy that was done by Director Santalis and who did a slap on Moody’s mouth. The drama serial critic was also written by Saima Sindh Bank. Farhan Saeed protests Al-Farbina Farooq Nabil Zubair and Mashal Khan drama serial. The season ended with her married life revolving around her Matthew Sheikh

8:Cheekh For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Cheekh Top 10 List Pakistani Dramas 2020

The drama serial is a great story written by Cheezy Sufi Afshan, whose producer Fahad Mustafa is Dr. Ali Kazmi while the director is Badr Mehmood. This is argued to be a significant social issue related to women being seen in negative roles in the drama serial scream. Has been shown to be important not only to Bakmal and garlic together after many years through Islamic, I will see those who worked in the famous serial due to heat exhaustion last Iqbal Amin, but the director of the Holocaust is also a serial story form has been canceled so

9:Ranjha Ranjha Kardi For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

The translator made them a television drama serial The story of the play is not usually made much drama on such topics. How is the story written very well? He is mentally handicapped and he is badly hurt in his love. Imran Ashraf plays the role of a mentally disabled man whose mother is Abbas, who accidentally marries a well-wisher And she likes and this is a new turning point in the story. Last January is a girl with a very different background who loves someone else but gets married to a person who is mentally disabled and then her life completely changes. Has been in the serial range raja trending number for long enough to say yes two speak two speak

10:Kaisa Hai Naseeba For Detail, Actor, Producer, Writer Pakistani Dramas Of 2020

Kaisa Hai Naseeba Top 10 List Pakistani Dramas 2020

How to Play R? Actress Ramsha Khan’s top 10 list Pakistani dramas of 2020, is playing a very powerful role in this time awareness and awareness drama serial against marriage and domestic violence. Khan is counted among the actors who are married to a man from another country who is facing domestic violence in the drama story. He has earned fame because of his work on television in such a short time. The main character of the ban include.

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