How to Get Over a Break Up in Record Time

Today we are excited because we have a guest post from Alex Wise a featured publisher of Loveawake.com. He is a  recognized expert on love, marriage, and relationships and he is amazing. He has shared with us how to get over a break up in record time.  Break up sucks for both parties there will always be one who suffers more than the other. We hope you learn more and enjoy the reading as we did.

So that was some quick things you could start doing now to help you recover from a break up! But it’s not over yet. To speed up the process you need to do following things.

We’ve all been there, dumped by someone we had strong feelings for. But we’ve also been on the other end of the spectrum, dumping someone who felt strongly for us. In any case, being dumped leads to months of self-pity and listening to “All out of love” by Air Supply. But what if I told you that it doesn’t need to take months to get over a break up? What if I told you that you could at least cut 50% of the time needed to get over a break up?


To get over a break up the best solution is ”Taking Action”.

The worst thing you can do is go home, put on some Coldplay, lock yourself up in your apartment and feel sorry for yourself. The act of doing this doesn’t really help anyone and just makes matters worse. I remember back when I was in relationship we had multiple breakups and makeups. It was physically and mentally exhausting for me, because every few months I would lock myself up somewhere and be sad, just to make up with my girlfriend again 2–3 days later. It was insane. Only until the last time we were finally through, I was going through the motion of being sad and listening to 90’s sad love songs, when I realized something.

I’ve been doing this process of dealing with a break up at least a hundred times by now. Every time I’ve done it, it hasn’t helped me one bit. So why continue this dark spiral of sadness when I really don’t feel better afterward? For me, it just seemed like a pointless act and waste of time.

So what did I do? I took action.

I called up some mates and head out for a night of fun. The Emotional Garbage has put aside for a night of fun and adventure! I must say it helped me deal with the whole break up a lot better and helped me get over it in record time.

But it wasn’t the mere act of going out for drunken debaucheries that did the trick. It was because I toke action and embarked on a few cool hobbies. I just needed to do something, anything really. Because if you’re  not doing anything and sitting home alone, your thoughts are going to wander and you’ll very likely start thinking about the break up.


My way is to literally occupy my brain with so many stuff to do that it doesn’t have time to process anything. You change your emotional state both physically and mentally.

So what are some things you could do to keep your mind occupied?

Start a Hobby

You will most likely have a lot of free time now. So start a hobby or something you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t find the time for it. I find spending time on something you enjoy makes it a lot easier to stick with it and have fun.


What is a better way there then to come out of a break up looking fantastic? Instead of eating ice cream and watch The Notebook for the 100 time. Hit the gym!  Lift those weights! There are few things in life that are more fulfilling than giving your body a proper workout. Trust me it will only improve your chances for potential lovers down the line, but first and foremost do it for yourself.


Probably the ultimate escape for anything. When you travel you leave everything behind you and anything that might remind you of the break up. You’ll get dropped in a foreign country and meet new people. I love traveling and if you are dealing with anything stressful in your life, then traveling is one the best things you could do.



Go out and enjoy the single life! Seriously why feel sad when you can celebrate! Call up your friends and go out for a night of fun. Who knows, you might find a cutie who could help you with your little issue.

Meet New People

Lost one person? Replace her/him with 100 others. Going out and meeting new people is not just a great way to help get your mind off things but it also gives you the opportunity to meet some cool people, who could be new friends or potential dates in the future.

  1. Delete and remove anything that reminds you of her. Phone numbers, pictures, videos. I mean anything!
  2. Cut off contact completely — Separate entirely
  3. Don’t hang out with the same social circle as her.

Simple stuff right? But a lot of people fail to do this. They want to keep some sort of memento to remember the good times and they wonder why they can’t get over the break up. You need to cut contact completely and move on.

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