20 Best Protein Shaker Bottles You Can Buy Online

20 Best Protein Shaker Bottles You Can Buy Online

Because of the obesity epidemic, a growing number of people are taking a long and hard look at their exercise and diet regime. People may be living longer but they are also suffering from more medical conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

The only solution is to alter your lifestyle today. In this way, you will more likely be able to enjoy your life, as you get older.

People today seek convenience and the wide range of shaker cups available on the market provide it.

Many of the shaker bottles are designed with the fitness enthusiast at heart and allow you to easily and quickly create a smooth protein shake or other healthy beverage of your choice.

Some of these bottles come with extra compartments to store snacks. Read on to learn more about the best shaker cups available on the market.

What Is A Protein Shaker Bottle?

A protein shaker is a container that is designed specially to mix supplements, protein shakes, and other supplement drinks easily. In order to give you a smooth drink, the modern innovations include a wire whisk ball that works to cut through the protein powder and other ingredients.

Other shaker bottle brands use a stationery-whisking device that is said to work just as well. The whole idea is to mix various supplement powders and other thicker ingredients with the liquid.

Today an increasing number of bottle brands are looking to transform the humble shaker bottle into an all-in-one training nutrition container by adding extra compartments to the bottle that enable you to include more powders, supplements, or snacks.

You can also use the extra space to store money or keys. Some bottles even have pill organizers that allow you to neatly divide your supplements for the day.

Finally, many protein shaker bottles are capable of mixing thick ingredients so you can use them to make pancakes, healthy omelet, or protein desserts.

This versatility is greatly appreciated by the fitness enthusiasts who can plan their nutritional needs in a better and easier way.

Why Should You Buy A Protein Shaker Bottle?

Generally, the best way to create a smooth and tasty protein shake would be to use your blender. However, you will have to plug it into a power socket and because of its size; you cannot bring it with you to the gym as well.

With most shaker bottles, it is possible to store your liquid and protein powder in separate locations this will allow you to mix up a fresh drink at the end of each training session. On the other hand, you can use the shaker cup to store a per-workout beverage as well.

If you are a genuine fitness enthusiast then you can find a shaker bottle capable of storing post-workout and per-workout drinks, snacks and supplement pills.

Instead of having to bring several plastic bags or containers to the gym, you can put everything into just one convenient container.

What Can You Make With a Protein Shaker Bottle?

It is very important for you to know that with a shaker bottle you cannot only make protein shakes but other things as well:

  • Protein Shakes
    This is the no.1 use of the shaker bottles as the last thing trainees want is to taste the dry powder as they consume their protein shake.

Each shaker bottle brand has its own method of mixing ingredients, but all of them should at least be able to handle the protein powder.

  • Supplements
    There are a huge array of post-workout recovery and per-workout energy supplements. These are also in powder form and can be mixed with water in your shaker bottle.
  • Smoothies
    A smoothie is a great way to fulfill your daily vegetable or fruit requirement. You can use a shaker bottle for these but the vegetables and fruits need to be chopped or mashed properly.
  • Lunch/Breakfast
    You can mix eggs or pancake batter in order to create a delicious lunch or breakfast. Some shaker bottles are even capable of handling waffle ingredients.
  • Cocktails
    This is probably 360 degrees away from the actual intended use of the shaker bottles, but it is possible to create your cocktails in a matter of moments with the help of these multi-purpose bottles.

Pros and Cons of the Protein Shaker Bottles

    • Pros
      The pros of protein shaker bottles are as follows:
  • Convenience: A protein shaker bottle can turn a messy affair into a neat and nice one. Instead of fiddling about with extra containers and doggy bags, you can store everything in one bottle. Additionally, many protein shaker bottles have a loop where you can place your keys and other valuables when you train.
    Versatility: Old-fashioned shaker cups were only for mixing protein shakes, but the modern versions can do an awful lot more things. They have an additional storage space for snacks, powders, supplements, and pills, they are capable of mixing very thick ingredients. This allows you to use the shaker bottles to make a delicious egg breakfast, pancake, smoothies, protein desserts, and much more. It is now actually possible to use a single bottle for all of your nutritional needs on any given day!
    Speed: You just need to place your desired ingredients in the shaker and shake it well until you achieve the right consistency. Your drink will be ready in seconds depending on the effectiveness of the bottle.
    Low Price: As compared to the amount that most people spend on supplements, the price of a good shaker bottle is pocket change.
    These are the cons of protein shaker bottles:
    Durability: A common complaint that we discovered during our reviews was that most of these shaker bottles have a tendency to break easily. This is primarily because of the cheap materials that are being used by companies. Although the inherent design flaws can also play a part. Even the top-rated bottles may not survive a fall so you will have to shop carefully if you are the clumsy type!
    Leaks: Another major issue with the protein shaker bottles is that the lid is made from the cheap material or the bottle does not have a proper locking mechanism. It is messy and embarrassing when you shake your bottle in the gym only to find out that it does not keep the powder and liquid contained. As you will be storing the bottle in a gym bag, a leak will possibly ruin the interior along with any personal possessions inside it.
    How to Use a Protein Shaker Bottle?
    These simple steps will help you to use a protein shaker bottle:

Step 1
A protein shaker bottle generally has measurements marks on its side. This will help you to be precise while adding the desired liquid.

For example, pour 15oz. of juice, water or milk into the protein shaker. To keep the powder from clumping on the bottom of the shaker you should add the liquid before you add the protein powder.

Step 2
You should always measure the protein powder before adding it to the shaker bottle. All packaged protein powders generally come with a scoop for measuring one serving of the powder. If you do not see the scoop then reach the bottom of the powder in order to find it.

Step 3
A protein shaker offers a convenient way to add other ingredients to your shake as well, such as powdered nutritional supplements. Check with your doctor about supplements and do not exceed the recommended doses.

Step 4
Place the lid on the shaker bottle. Make sure that it is sealed properly to avoid any leakage. Shake the bottle vigorously up and down for a slow count of 30. The mixer will break up the protein powder and help mix the ingredients together really well.

Top 20 Protein Shaker Bottles Review
Blender Bottle Pro Stak

Blender Bottle Pro Stak

This is an upgrade of the original Classic shaker bottle and includes the company’s famed BlenderBall, which you throw into your shake’s ingredients; it then works with the mixture in order to provide you with a smooth protein shake.

During our review, we found the BlenderBall to be extremely effective in mixing thick ingredients. What makes it different from the BlenderBall’sclassic shaker is its additional storage containers that allow you to either add more of your workout shake or store snacks/supplements.

It also has a handy pill organizer that divides your supplements. In other words, the BlenderBall’sPro Stak is a true all-in-one shaker bottle that is ideal for the athlete and is an absolute steal.

The only downside is the quality of the bottle’s cap, which may not withstand constant vigorous use.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $13 only.

Smart Shake

Smart Shake

The Smart Shake shaker bottle is one of the most versatile bottles currently available in the niche. Along with offering the usual shaker bottle benefits, this bottle also has two additional containers that can be used to store additional drinks, pre-workout powders, healthy snacks, keys, and money.

This bottle also comes with a divider that can be added to one of the small containers to divide it into four sections. This bottle is ideal if you take a lot of vitamins or dietary supplements.

Moreover, it has a Snap-On Strainer that not only mixes protein powders and other supplements effectively but also does a great job when it comes to mixing dressings and sauces. It comes in four different sizes.

However, there are some concerns regarding the quality of materials used but in our review, we found the Smart Shake to be no less fragile than other shaker bottles that we reviewed.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $6 only.

Fuel Shaker

 Fuel Shaker

It is a little bit different as compared to other shaker bottles in terms of design. Once you open the bottle, you will notice a special cartridge that can be used to store protein powder or anything else that you desire. It is designed specially to hold up to two scoops of protein powder.

We found it to be very effective when it comes to thoroughly mixing the protein powder and other supplements such as BCAAs, but it is not designed for mixing anything thicker.

Moreover, it is one of the most expensive shaker bottles available in the market and if you want additional cartridges they will set you back for around $4.99. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $27.25 only.

Blender Bottle Sport Mixer

Blender Bottle Sport

The Sport Mixer is one of BlenderBottle’s latest creations. It appears to have most of the features that made other BlenderBottle’s products popular.

The bottle is made of durable Eastman Tritan plastic; therefore, it is less likely to break as compared to older BlenderBottle products.

Eastman Tritan plastic also reduces the foul odors that are associated with forgetting to wash the protein shake residue from a bottle.

Moreover, it is free from BPAs and phthalates. It has a flip cap and screw on lid that ensures the shaker is 100% leak proof. It has a SportLoop, which is an extra convenience as it is a good place to hang keys when you train.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $11 only.

Blender Bottle Classic

 Blender Bottle Classic

According to BlenderBottle, its classic model is the ‘world’s best selling shaker bottle’. It has been on the market for over a decade and is still the shaker bottle of choice for tens of thousands of customers.

Its ‘loop and flip’ design are really nice as it makes the bottle easier to carry and also provides you with a handy place to store your keys when you go to the gym. It is free from BPA and phthalates and you can wash it in the dishwasher.

Moreover, it comes in three sizes; 20oz, 28oz and 32oz. and is a relatively cheap shaker bottle.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $9.69 only.

Pro Mixx Vortex Shaker

Pro Mixx Vortex Shaker

While most of the shaker bottles available in the market are operated manually, the ProMixx Vortex Shaker is a bit different.

All you need to do is to add all the ingredients and press a button instead of vigorously shaking the bottle after a hard workout. The ProMixx Shaker does all the hard work for you. The shaker’s motor is detachable and the product is very light which makes it easier to carry.

Moreover, its self-cleaning function is excellent; all you need to do is to add some water, a drop of detergent and press the button for an effective and fast cleaning.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $19.99 only.

Cyclone Cup Shaker

Cyclone Cup Shaker

If you are fed up with the shaker bottles that fail to remove the lumps and clumps from your protein shake then this is the shaker bottle that you should opt.

Its patented cyclone technology removes lumps and clumps and makes less noise as compared to other shakers with wire whisk balls.

Moreover, it comes in a variety of cool colors and its Lock Cap and Screw-Tight Lid makes sure that there are no leaks. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $17 only.

Hydra Cup Dual Shaker

 Hydra Cup Dual Shaker

The Hydra Cup Dual Shaker is a unique fitness product as it acts as two shakers in one. It has two separate compartments that allow a person to bring his/her pre-workout and post-workout drinks to the gym in one container.

The bottle is efficiently designed to ensure that there is no danger of different drinks mixing together as long as the top is properly closed. It can easily be taken apart so cleaning is not a problem.

Contigo Shake & Go Fit Shaker Bottle

Contigo Shake Go Fit Shaker Bottle

If you are tired of clumps of unmixed powder in the bottle then this is the best option for you. Its lid is leak proof so there is no risk of its spilling or opening in your locker or bag.

Blender Bottle Combo Pack Shaker Bottle

Blender Bottle Combo Pack Shaker Bottle

Blender Bottle is a household name for most fitness enthusiasts. No matter how many supplements you want to take with you to the gym, Blender Bottle’s combo pack has you covered, with three different sizes of GoStak jars that house your post, mid and pre-workout powders. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $20 only.

Grenade Shaker With Protein Compartment

Grenade Shaker With Protein Compartment

Grenade Shaker bottle will be easy to spot if it gets left in a crowd of other bottles. If you are looking for something different then you should go for this shaker bottle. It has a storage capsule that will keep your protein ready to mix.

Moreover, the best thing about this bottle is that this will not explode even if you drop it accidentally. So no worries at all. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $15 only.

Umoro 3-in-1 BPA Free Shaker Bottle

Umoro 3 in 1 BPA Free Shaker Bottle

You can place all your powders in the top compartment of this bottle. This will keep them separate and dry. You can simply shake the bottle to release the top half into your liquid base when you are ready and enjoy. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $25 only.

GSI Maxi2Go Spider Bottle

GSI Maxi2Go Spider Bottle

Gone are the days of chewing clumps of protein as the patented GSI Maxi2Go Spider Bottle’s spiral oscillates throughout the entire bottle to perfectly mix all the inner contents. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $13 only.

Gabor Fitness PRO Sports OCTO Mixer Shaker Bottle

Gabor Fitness PRO Sports OCTO Mixer Shaker Bottle

You can pack your entire morning routine into this shaker. It provides a compartment for your protein or recovery powder as well as a separate section for any supplements or vitamins that you take. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $10 only.

Fit & Fresh Jaxx Glass Shaker Bottle

Fit Fresh Jaxx Glass Shaker Bottle

Many of you will agree with the fact that drinks taste better out of glass than plastic. In addition, this glass shaker bottle will also outlast plastic options.

All thanks to its rubber and plastic outer padding, you can still be a klutz without shattering it all over the floor. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $18 only.

Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle

Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle

This non-intimidating and simple option from Rubbermaid is a perfect option for those who are new to shakes.

It is capable of holding 20 ounces of liquid and has a twist lock seal that prevents dripping, no matter how careless you are with it. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $12 only.

Spectrum Shaker and Blender

Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle 1

This is a versatile 14-ounce shaker and blender that is designed specially to improve how individuals prepare protein shakes.

This shaker is not only cheap but also has a durable design that is eye-catching. It is also BPA-free (100%) and portable as it works well both outdoors and indoors.

You can carry it easily during camping escapades or hike without cluttering personal space. It has a convenient cap design and its ability to mix thick ingredients without clogging is admirable.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $6.99 only.

VIAL Stainless Steel Shaker

VALI Stainless Steel Shaker

Most shaker bottles are made of plastic so this makes the Vila stainless Steel Shaker bottle unique. The major problem of plastic shaker bottles is that they tend to absorb the taste and smell of the protein shakes.

Particularly, if the shakes have been left inside the bottle for a while. With Vial’s stainless steel container, you will no longer have to deal with bad tastes or odors.

Moreover, because of the built-in the mixer as well as the blender ball, you will enjoy the tastiest protein shakes.

This shaker bottle can be easily cleaned by simply placing it in the dishwasher. You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $24.95 only.

Bison Shaker Bottle

 Bonison Shaker Bottle

The Bison shaker allows you to carry around about 20 ounces of liquid. It is both a mixer and a shaker and a mixer combined i.e., you also get a blender ball with this bottle.

This mixer works well to ensure that there are no leftover lumps of powder in your drink. The cap is leak proof and therefore even if the bottle is upside down in your bag, you will find that not even a single drop of liquid will escape.

Moreover, this bottle is equipped with anti-skidding ridges as well.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $7.88 only.

321 Strong Stack able Shaker Bottle

321 Strong Stackable Shaker Bottle

This bottle comes with four separate compartments that can be stacked on top of one another. Its main bottle can hold up to 21.5 ounces of liquid. It has a cap along with a powerful whisk attached to it.

This whisk ensures that the water and powder are mixed together very well. All of these compartments fit neatly and easily inside the main container and are topped off with a secure lid that guarantees against spills or leak even while you are traveling.You can order it online or visit your nearby fitness store and purchase it for $10.99 only.

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