US 14-year-old boy killed in police Firing

US 14-year-old boy killed in police Firing

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles city police gunned down 14-year-old kid furnished suspicious demise.Remote news office, AFP, reported the episode to the police happened when police were researching the occurrence of vandalism in the Los Angeles territory.

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Furnished police shot the young fellow that was the police.The powers say they think that Romero was named as a suspect in the distinguished youthful posse who vandalized it.US 14-year-old boy killed in police Firing,In any case, media dismisses the police had done nothing incorrectly.

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The US condition of Louisiana and the occasions that happened on account of cops, executing 2 dark occupants in Minnesota in July,US 14-year-old boy killed in police Firing,Subsequent to slaughtering blacks was up assaults on police and a few cops were executed and injured in a few occurrences of assaults on police.

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