Titanic II’s First to Set in Soul 2018

Titanic II’s First to Set in Soul 2018

Titanic II's First to Set in Soul 2018
Titanic II was the first trip in 2016, the Australian billionaire Clive Palmer, who Titanic II ship making pullers company owner, said that the voyage was delayed until 2018.Palmer and company Blue Star Line made on the ship she’s ship sank in 1912 in style. Titanic II is no different from the original ship The ship all amenities, such as satellite control in the modern era built on the latest safety standards. Titanic, navigation and radar systems are digital navigation.The ship carrying 2400 passengers and staff of 900 people , China in 2018 will be in Dubai. 9 floors of the aircraft cabin 840 plane tickets to address the first three levels, will be sold in the second and third class.

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