The ice cream that Enhance Physical Performance

According to media reports is regarded olive oil,the ice cream that Enhance Physical Performance,tomatoes and causes remote early red wine in Italy, but despite their written advantages doctor full of food anti-oxidants that Valerie believes synagogue, r Each on the table, are they not so healthy.

The ice cream that Enhance Physical Performance

The solution was to expel the ice cream.

Dr. Valerie synagogue – Photo courtesy of Central Audit
Dr. Valerie synagogue – Photo courtesy of Central Audit
Research shows that anti-oxidants are safe for dents extremely low temperatures are over, but the Dr. Valerie’s idea for most people was amazing.

Dr. Valerie synagogue full of anti-oxidants dents from natural ingredients, such as cocoa powder pale, hazel nut and green tea to the room of frozen mixed July secret recipe is very healthy ice cream.Italian cardiologists three anti-oxidants like ice cream (chocolate, hazelnuts and green tea) to prove his theory, the University of Rome Tor Taurus tested on students.

He gave a few students some common July the ice cream and ice cream on her special, called them after lunch, run as fast as they can run the pedal on the exercise bike.

Students who ate full of anti-oxidants they made ice cream was slightly better than ice cream July showed that the students, in the test.

After the test, said Dr. Valerie synagogue “It is clear from the first study that natural ingredient prepared and poly filled with nullify brings improvements in vascular function Ice Cream body, while the stress I have better physical performance of healthy people through cuts.

The results of their study were published in the scientific journal ‘Nutrition’.

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