The Good Start of the Bollywood Horror Movie Cyme

The Good Start of the Bollywood Horror Movie CymeSonakshi Sinha and Sadtharth Malhotra’s horror romantic film ‘Cakas’ traded 10 crore rupees in the first two days of release.The story of ‘Aamir’ based around the solution of the mysterious murder case was released on November 3 in other countries including India.Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan’s jointly produced film ‘Cakas’ is actually a new version of ‘Bollywood’ movie in 1969.

Instructions: Kabhi Chopra’s story of ‘Cakha’ rotates around a mysterious murder, like the first film, but this time the film has been made to improve the film by making a slight change.
In the film, Akshaye Khanna has appeared in the role of a police officer, who seems to be hitting mysterious murder.He each other in ‘Citadel’.The first trailer of coincidence was released on October 5 last month, which was flowing as it came.
‘Cakas’ on the first day of 4 crores, while on the other day, more than Rs. 5 crores of business was done by business and in a total of Rs. 10 crores in a total of 2 days. Boliv Adrish, Bidywood box office analyst tweeted that ‘Citadel’ traded a total of 9.55 million rupees in 2 days.Though the ‘consolidation’ earnings are not too high, it is believed that the film will be included in the 100 million club.

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