Tahir Shah told fans on Valentine’s Surprise

Tahir Shah told fans on Valentine's Surprise

His tune ‘Eye to Eye’, Tahir Shah told fans on Valentine’s Surprise, with Pakistani artist Tahir Shah to get the consideration of the world had guaranteed to give fans an astonishment on Valentine’s Day, which was before the auto.

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In any case, it is not, Tahir Shah astonish at the achievement of his melody ‘Eye to Eye’ and amazement to fanatics of his other tune “Blessed messenger”.

Tahir Shah melody “Holy messenger” was granted the Summit Peak Grant in Short Film and Music Video Celebration in Arizona, which likewise went along he reported his new Holly Hollywood film “Tu”.

Summit Film Celebration granted the ‘Famous from the East honor’ for Tahir Shah tunes “Holy messenger of”.

It was gone to by Tahir Shah Celebration appeared in the video, and in such manner the organization’s sufficiently eager, he numbered astound list of attendees Tahir Shah on your site.

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Tahir Shah this celebration is their introduction Holi in Bollywood film recounts saying “I came to, I feel that the film Tahir Shah was declared in 2015.

This film is a sentimental story, the generation organization will recount their own particular story of Tahir Shah said.

The Tahir Shah notoriety it had when his melody ‘Eye to Eye’ viral in online networking, Bollywood performer Ranbir Singh Tahir Shah tunes, go to the “duplicate of the arrival of the video Instagram was.



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