Rehan For Imran khan Writing Book Love Story

Rehan For Imran khan Writing Book Love Story

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I did not cry jealous feelings of love, separation Rehan Khan were mentioned several times with Jazbati, I feel that they had common friends.The change and Rehan.I love love love, the true  Rehan return the type of route is still in the process of reviewing a book that has been prepared on the open while the love story and the anticipated unveiling ceremony in the next two weeks.He in the Rehan Khan, Khan of London Af-Pak Rehan  night story  journalist and the United Kingdom to keep the mouth clear Rasheed oral ryham the anchor text of the book and always I get a million to stay ground until the money was offered but did not receive any money from any party leader or friend in London Imran or the time of the divorce.He that your sister has  Sunday said he’s close friend living in London, I would say that it was my sister I also shoot.Friends here can get a job easily 5,000 pounds. Rehan Khan said that28 Oct and farewell  it has been good so tight was If I who killed shoot me, so I knew I had found a sympathetic discounts are people and above all we would not see this day, we will spend the rest of persecution author of the book, according to Imran Khan, who was the most tragic way of separation from his wife. Revealing the personal affairs of the party leader and announced sending more divorce after  the most tragic story. Directly after detailed consultations with the closest friends while Imran Khan story based on the book Rehan start has been developed in which the publication is being 50 thousand books.  15 of Pakistan, senior columnist, editors look at this book are modified in order to complete the examination of the facts. The book will be published very excited to be translated into five languages, including English, Arabic, Hindi, French and Pashto. He author and TV anchor who Mubeen Khan recently made England the first three-day international  and anchors of which 20 participated exclusively in Pakistan.He was the banner of the same party as soon as the news of the separation of them arrive in London Manchester  they  the closing session of the first media’s TV channel for the first detailed inter clear that the new record of popularity in London on 3 December 2015, he came to Pakistan.

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