Nawaz Sharif the Pakistani Investigation Team Will Visit Pathankot

Nawaz Sharif the Pakistani Investigation Team Will Visit Pathankot

Nawaz Sharif the Pakistani Investigation Team Will Visit Pathankot

Pathankot shall present the facts of the attack: Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistani investigation team will visit Pathankot, the prime minister’s London conference on the media

LONDON  Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif has said that the information received from India are investigating. The investigation team will visit Pathankot.. National Action Plan and ongoing operation against terrorists was launched with the consultation. He acknowledged that some points of the National Action Plan are slow. The National Action Plan stresses the need to act quickly. Indian Air Base Pathankot talk about the attack on the Prime Minister said the evidence given by India are investigating. Narendra Modi had told his Indian counterpart that India’s additional assistance will be required to investigate. Investigations are going on the right. The report will come out very soon. He Pathankot facts will investigate the attack. Terrorists will not let its territory. We should not interfere in each other. He must prevent attacks from Afghan territory. Some elements that provide security on their own in Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s own army and police. That action against terrorists on their own responsibility to the Afghan reconciliation process, responding to a question about the Prime Minister said that peace and stability in Afghanistan are very supportive. The path to peace in Afghanistan is talking only. We Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and the United States. The Committee is made. Four national coordination committee has been working for peace in Afghanistan. The committee meeting was held in Kabul, which is good on recent tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the Prime Minister’s wish that the distance between the two countries should be resolved. Pakistan is their sense of responsibility. The rift between Iran and Saudi Arabia to end the mediation did not. It was our decision


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