To live own Wife’s Funeral Scared Death Herself her Husband

To live own Wife’s Funeral Scared Death Herself her Husband

To live own Wife's Funeral Scared Death Herself her Husband

Pune can be reached scared the living dead wife, who tried to kill herself, her husband. The story began a year ago when they Melbourne, with her husband seller, Burundi reached via a flight to your country. After the funeral was sad that his stepmother was sitting in my room at the hotel call her husband.told her husband that she ate take the air out of the room fresh. Rukundu was out of the room, a man made it up the gun pointed at his side. The gunmen threatened that if he raised his voice and he will flee to kill him immediately.that her husband can do that? The kidnappers laughed, called it foolish professionals, phoned her husband to put online.Her husband said that kidnappers kill. I heard screaming.He called the bartender was 11 years ago, when Australia was husband was a refugee from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo. Two miles up a meeting place thy.dunun do work both married. Some people said marriage was about to be violent and rebellious military rukundu the seller before but did not believe.are both three children . Five children rukundu first husband. The kidnappers are leaving  saying that he did not believe the killing of women and they know his brother. He also grateful  leave your dollar bill and  7000 talks between.With the help of the Embassy of Belgium in Kenya and returned to Australia. Burundi and the pastor’s house to live with his family. A few days after her husband told everyone that his wife was dying in painful conditions, arrange the funeral of the husband. At the end of the funeral  front of their husbands, who were tearing at her eyes and wondered  replied that demon spirit  run, the seller sought excuses to hear live.I have called the police, who arrested the seller. Bartender was enough to prove to the phone calls, but refuses all crime records and other evidence to convict him. Vintner accused  he wanted to go with another man and left him, which he intended to kill him,rejected.He court sentenced to 9 years for vintner. The bartender was sentenced after the Congolese community  and started threatening him. Rukundu asked the authorities to place it live so they can raise their 8 children. Rukundu say he lies on the bed at night, I have heard the same sound in her ears, her husband’s voice telling him that stopped them

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