Facebook of Another Disturbing Feature

Facebook of Another Disturbing Feature

Facebook of Another Disturbing Feature

Facebook has begun testing a new feature that will help to alert users to take all of your friends or saying that it would be bombed notifications on your profile.This feature is currently the United Kingdom, Canada and France Facebook desktop version and  app users the opportunity to try.People will be notified some friends about this post got a chance to test this feature is written on a loudspeaker icon and see a message that status update.

Clicking on the box the user will be able to share this post with 10 friends at the same time.

This feature alerts users a new way to keep private, especially those who are not logged on to Facebook at the moment.

Then a user wishes that a particular person is like his friends he uses the option tag for that.

This feature is often turned into a people and he also banned it in your settings.

However, this new feature, Facebook has provided an opportunity to alert the public tagging or sharing your keywords through a notification instead.

But still it’s going to be a headache for users, which is another source of sending spam notification is not spotted yet in any way to prevent it.

Worldwide that Facebook is not yet clear when it will be introduced to the feature.

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