Cakes Recipes Black Forest Cupcakes

Cakes Recipes Black Forest Cupcakes

Cakes Recipes Black Forest Cupcakes

Find Free Cakes Recipes Black Forest Cupcakes, Recipe. We Will Learn You How Make Black Forest Cupcakes. Very Easy And Simple Recipe In English And Urdu.

For Those, That, Like To Eat Cakes,  Specially  Black Forest Cupcakes. Cakes Are Very Delicious, Tasty And Mouth Watering . Here We Brings Best Cakes Recipes For You, According That You Like. Cakes Recipes Black Forest Cupcakes in Your search Choice.

Black Forest Cupcakes Is Very Tasty And Make By Very Simple And Easy Cake, We Collect This Recipes From World’s Famous Chefs That Are Very Determine And Professional , Like by Name Most Famous Their Own Cakes Recipes, Although Chef Zakir, Chef Rahat, Chef Gulzar,  Most Experienced In Their Field.

In Future Should Present More Other Food Recipes Only For You And According To Your Taste, I will Post More About Food In Future, Like Mince Macaroni. Like Our Content With You Family And Your Friends, Can Also Like Us Facebook Twitter and G+. Now I Start To Tell You Cakes Recipe About Black Forest Cupcakes.

Ingredients For How To Make Black Forest Cupcakes;


Refined Flour ( Sieved )                          2 Cups

                  Eggs                                                      4

  Chocolate Chips                                    1 Cup

     Cream Cheese                                             1 Cup

    Castor sugar                                        1 Cup

  Fresh Cream , ( Whipped )             1 Cup

 Backing powder                               2 Tsp

        Water                                                   2 Tbsp

Cocoa powder                                          4 Tbsp

              Oil                                                           1/2 Cup

                           Cherries, Mint leaves                   For Garnishing,

Method Of Black Forest Cupcakes

Beat Oil, Eggs, Sugar, Cheese And Water In A Bowl.

Mix Backing Powder And Cocoa powder in flour; sieve and stir thoroughly into eggs mixture.

Add Chocolate Chips.

Place paper cups in muffin tray; put spoonfuls of mixture in cups.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 180°C for 20 minutes.

Allow To Cool.

Garnish With cream, Cherries And Mint Leaves.

*This Is Special Cakes Recipes For Black Forest Cupcakes.


Black Forest Cupcakes Recipe In Urdu Easy To read And Easy To Make Cakes as wel;

 ایک پیالے میں تیل‘انڈے‘ پنیر‘ چینی اور پانی پھینٹ لیں‘ میدے میں بیکنگ پائوڈر اور کوکو پائوڈر ملا کرچھانٹیں‘اور یسے انڈے آمیزے میں ڈال کر

ملا لیں‘ اس میں چاکلیٹ چپس بھی شامل کار دیں؛مفن ٹرے میں پیپر کپس رکھیں‘ چمچے کی مدد سے آمیزہ اُن میں ڈالیں‘ اور پہلے سے گرم اون میں

180°پر بیس منٹ پکا نکال لیں؛ ٹھنڈا ہو جائے تو کریم چیزیز اور پودینے سے سجا کر پیش کریں

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