Benefits of Natural Estrogen


Benefits of Natural Estrogen

Benefits of Natural Estrogen

There are lots of health benefits of consuming foods that containing natural estrogen. Bone Quality. Estrogen helps to produce osteoblasts that help to protect the bone tissue and is one of the hormones that work with calcium and vitamin D to protect against bone loss. As the body’s estrogen levels lessen over time, your risk of developing osteoporosis will increase, which is one of the reasons why women will begin estrogen replacement therapy early in menopause. Cardiovascular Benefits. Estrogen increases high density lipoprotein, your “good” cholesterol, while lowering your low density lipoprotein, your “bad” cholesterol to help prevent plaque buildup in the arteries that will eventually lead to cardiovascular disease. Adequate estrogen levels will relax dilated blood vessels, promoting blood flow throughout the body. Estrogen has also been noted in the improvement of brain function, a risk that increases in Men And Women that must have their ovaries removed due to the risk of cancer.

These women will often undergo estrogen replacement therapy to reduce the risk of damage, though this is not currently recommended to improve cardiovascular health. Help with Menopause. Menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings and sleep disturbance can often be improved or alleviated with estrogen replacement. Vaginal estrogen therapy may also be used to alleviate vaginal dryness caused by the thinning urethra. Healthy Skin. Estrogen increases blood circulation to the skin to promote faster healing helps the body maintain moisture-retention capacity and skin elasticity. Products that contain estrogen have also been shown to decelerate progression of baldness in men and cure acne. Sexual Health. Vaginal dryness, the absence of an orgasmic experience or painful intercourse is often linked to a decline in estrogen and can be improved with estrogen therapy. Sleep Quality. As estrogen levels decrease during menopause it can cause night sweats and hot flashes that can make it difficult for women to sleep peacefully. Estrogen therapy can help to reduce these symptoms so it is easier to get a full night’s sleep. Digestive Health. An adequate supply of estrogen helps the body to absorb nutrients from food. Postmenopausal women will often undergo estrogen therapy to prevent calcium deficiencies that can endanger bone health.

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