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Apple Company and Refuses to Unlock the Phone

Apple Company and Refuses to Unlock the Phone

Apple Company and Refuses to Unlock the Phone Apple Company and Refuses to Unlock the Phone Apple Company and Refuses to Unlock the Phone leeo2utdwfjtzxeykndg

According to US media, a judge in the & quot; Apple & quot; The company has ordered the Federal Investigation Agency FBI & quot; This will support access to an iPhone information that was used by one of the attackers in the deadly attack last December in San brnar Dino. San Bernardino area in California Syed Rizwan Farooq and his wife at a welfare center Tashfin was killed when police fired 14 people were killed in two. Authorities have been investigating the issue of whether the attackers had any contact with the militants or not, but they were on a secret code Rizwan iPhone could not get access to the information contained therein.US magistrate  Sherry said in his judgment that & quot; Apple & quot; Companies are to provide software that deleted messages in written form to enter the wrong code ten times if it can ignore the automatic system. The FBI now has found different codes to access the phone’s data and the danger was that he would not be facing delete information contained in this.He is for the court said that the new software should be configured in such a way that it Rizwan phone and order if the company considers that it is & quot; bad & quot; If they submitted in response to five days. Because of growing concerns about security of personal information Apple had strengthened the secret codes of the program in 2014. The Government has made a complaint that a strict security system, it is difficult hurdle in the criminal investigation of San Dino as he has faced the most difficult investigations related to national security. Apple the company has announced plans to appeal the ruling to the US Supreme court has refused to recognize the court order. We oppose the order, which also effects the recent lawsuit.I access data in any iPhone to get the secret code and can be ten times if the wrong code is entered automatically delete all data. The appeal says that the staff can not access the data. The move was followed by the revealing of appeal from Edward  from the US government surveillance.The US Federal Bureau of Investigation Agency I said Rizwan Farooq important information from iPhone and Apple in order to find a way to get the data with the help of the security software. The FBI maintains that encryption technology this phone is the phone that the material could not be opened until they come to know it.He said that such technology pose widespread problems with the law enforcement agencies. FBI Farooq first phone to which such change is to try as many times as you want to test code without risk to die investigation data. It also requires that the phone be able to quickly test different mixtures have to be smoothed the way for code changes to the code. Found that it is more likely that the company will challenge the court order. Tough battle against Apple in the past has fought to have access to personal data of users.This undermined confidence in the company say that the customer Will be. Apple on your website is placed on the use of all instruments which iOS 8 and then we, the government’s search warrant based on the iPhone OS data extraction is not responsible for the files have to remove it from the the code to the user who does not have Apple.

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