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FashionPk – the shrine of world’s and Pakistani fashion!

Fashion – is a world industry that holds a soul of every woman. We love watching as new trends develop and change over time. Versace, Dior, Armani, McQueen, Dolce and Gabbana and so much more. We know all these surnames and fashion houses by heart. If you know the difference between haute couture and ready-to-wear, can tell pumps from stilettos and strive to follow latest fashion trends in dresses and accessories – Welcome to FashionPk!

What is FashionPk?

FashionPk is a blog dedicated mainly to the fashion industry. We cover all newest fashion tendencies and focus not only on the world but also on Pakistan. Among our writers, there are a lot of upcoming designers that put their hand into shaping up new Pakistani fashion. They know firsthand how important it is to design Pakistani style clothes so women would feel stunning and confident in it. Contemporary designers combine the latest fashion in dresses with Pakistani customs and traditions.  With our help you will discover how to be feminine and authentic at the same time.

What do we write about?

Here we write and give you tips on:

  • – what and how to wear;
  • – where to buy it;
  • – how to beautifully combine clothing items you already have.

If you are looking for a fashion guide – FashionPk is the perfect place that will help you find latest fashion dresses in Pakistan. How to choose the right ladies Pakistani dress? What hairstyle to choose? Read our “Hair” and “Pakistani” columns.

Why follow FashionPk?

By staying with us, you will be able to keep in touch with the whole world: read about recent news in Pakistan and the world, discover new yummy recipes for your family, and just come upon some unbelievable facts.

Entertain and educate yourself with FashionPk! We are going to mentor you into discovering your personal sense of style and developing your personality.

Fashionpk.pk  is a blog focused on covering Pakistan fashion scene. We aim to provide you with timely information on latest fashion trends in Pakistan. Let Me Tell About us.We also cover Pakistan fashion brands to keep you updated with their latest offerings. You can also join us on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Stumbleupon.

Focus Promoting Pakistani And International Fashion Brands

Fashionpk.pk is a blog which was created to keep our visitors updated about latest happenings in fashion industry. It was started by Yousaf Mian, a graduate from GC University. we got latest dress designs, mehndi designs Winter fashion, Karnadi, lawan, linen, khaddar, pima cotton silk, KT, Pashmina and Pakistani fashion. Many female authors are currently writing for Fashionpk.pk.

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